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Balloon Bananza

Balloons are an event staple, bringing joy and festivity to any celebration. While they appear most frequently at birthday parties, they're also worth considering for your wedding. The kid-friendly decorations aren't as casual as you think—dress them up for a fun addition to your big day. To help you make balloons a key element in your wedding, we've rounded up some of our favorite floating ideas from couples all over the world who have embraced them, and you certainly can, too.

If you want to use balloons as an accent, tie them to signage or to mark certain spaces, like the guestbook, gift, or head table. To make them a major part of your décor, consider creating a balloon wall or arch. Spruce up the standard style by filling them with confetti or purchasing them in unique patterns. Oversized, spherical options are also great for ceremonies and receptions, as they appear more formal than their smaller, egg-shaped counterparts. Decorate their strings for something extra—foliage and tassels both work for that.

Other ideas include allowing your flower girl or ring bearer to carry balloons down the aisle. Doing so will make them feel extra special, though we recommend ensuring that they can't lose them. For this, either tie them to their wrists or let them hold ones that are weighted. For pop-proof balloons, look for sturdier materials, like foil.

With so many balloon installation ideas can you pick only one?

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