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Bring In A Little You

Every couple wants their wedding to be special and custom-tailored to their taste and preferences. To achieve that, you often have to work side by side, with your event designer or wedding planner and communicate your vision clearly. At Something Pretty Events Company, that is what we are here for. Think about what makes you, as a couple, unique—do you both like hiking? Or maybe the first time you both said, "I love you," you were taking a walk at the park? Incorporate elements of those experiences into your wedding decor. Once you know what you want, there are so many ways to translate what you envision into (a beautiful) reality. One way we love to do this is to bring the outside, in. There are so many ways to do this. We like to create a park-like atmosphere with cut trees and greenery. It truly helps to create a magical ambiance and help fill the vast space at the top of a tent or in a large room. Adding custom floral installments to entryways, bars, and other high traffic areas is also sure to set your event apart from the rest. Large installations over your ceremony site can be moved inside to create a focal point for your reception. And don’t forget the edible arrangements! No, not the ones you get in the mail! Adding fresh cut fruit, flowers, vegetables or other treats for your guests can bring your tables to life. By adding fresh scents and color to your table settings you bring just a touch of personality to the occasion... not to mention, it’s absolutely stunning.

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