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Camp Lenox

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Last Friday we were lucky enough to do a client walkthrough of the gorgeous Camp Lenox in Otis, and we must say, it far exceeded expectations.

This beautiful residential summer camp is nestled within the Berkshire Mountains and sits on 170 acres of well-maintained athletic fields, pristine forest, and sparkling water.

With comfortable cabins that have accommodations for up to 350, including in cabin bathrooms for your guests there is more than enough room for every person on your guest list. The venue is also inclusive of a dining hall that overlooks the lake for the perfect Weekend Welcome BBQ for your friends and family. They even have a beautifully spacious lodge equipped with a working stone fireplace with plenty of room and rustic appeal for the perfect reception. The options within this venue feel limitless, it is truly a must see.

Want your family and friends to have the time of their life during your wedding? How about a ropes course, basketball courts, baseball fields, water sports, or even just a gorgeous Plan B for your ceremony and reception if the weather doesn't work out? Camp Lenox offers indoor options for ceremony and reception that make Plan B feel like Plan A.

We are so excited to get to spend more time at Camp Lenox this year, be sure to give the space a look. You won't be disappointed!

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