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Couples Cocktails

Happy Monday! What says Monday morning like cocktail talk!

One easy way to elevate your wedding reception and quench your guests' thirst? A good mixed drink—especially one personalized to you and your partners tastes. Everyone loves a signature cocktail, and they're a great way to tell your guests a little something about who you two are as a couple. But we know that choosing the perfect signature drink can be hard.

A super-fun (and super-delicious) signature drink recipe is guaranteed to be a hit on your big day. Go for beverages with your favorite spirit, or search for sippers that complement your wedding colors. Choose one or two as custom cocktails for your reception or offer guests a variety of creative cocktails all weekend long — some cocktails can be made in bulk!. You can also offer an nonalcoholic, or "mocktail" option. No matter which cocktail (or cocktails!) you pick, make sure to give them a fun, inventive name. That's half the fun, isn't it?

Another great way to personalize your signature cocktail? Serve them with custom cocktail napkins or swizzle sticks bearing clever turns of phrase, an adorable nod your favorite moment, or an adorable monogram.

Want to choose something incredibly easy AND delicious, take a look at a great way to mix up your happy hour with these yummy 2 Ingredient cocktails -- that's right, only two!


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