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Favor Me Pretty

Your ceremony went off without a hitch and your reception was a major hit. It might be hard to believe that your wedding day is over, and, after the epic party you just threw, your guests likely feel the same way. For the ultimate ending to the perfect day, you need to make sure that you send them off with something to remember the festivities by.

The goal is inspired and creative wedding favors. From make-your-own flower bouquets and parasols to incense and sweet treats, there are so many ways to gift something unexpected. The best rule of thumb? Skip the monogrammed picture frames and opt for favors that your guests will actually use. Bottles of hot sauce or glass canisters of pink Himalayan sea salt are sure to end up in your friends' and families' kitchens and will serve as a happy reminder of the big day. You can also feel free to gift a favor that was inspired by your wedding's locale. Having a wedding at a rustic barn, what about a mini mason jar of jam, or little satchels of seeds?

If you're not going for the use factor, choose something delightful. I once saw a bride gift the prettiest tambourines—guests also used them as noisemakers to celebrate the newly-married couple as they walked back up the aisle. Flower crowns were another standout. Trendy and cute for female (and male!) guests of all ages, the couple's floral favors involved attaching simple blooms to headbands. It won’t take long to discover that most gifts are just that—simple. If you're feeling stumped, try Etsy to find unique and cost effective ideas. You'll be happy to learn that majority of memorable wedding favors are often both easy to create and easy on the wallet. You can thank us later!

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