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Heirloom Fire

More than simply a catering company, Heirloom Fire creates inspired events crafted with fire. Delivering remarkable and one of a kind events that consistently exceed clients expectations, Heirloom Fire works with some of the most talented and gifted organic farmers on the east coast.

An important part of telling the story of a region is grasping that moment in time and preserving the season's harvest. Sourcing from the surrounding fields and pastures of The Berkshires and Hudson Valley, Heirloom Fire highlights the abundant resources through pickling, jam making, salting, curing, smoking and jaring. Throughout the growing season in The Berkshires, many wheels are in motion as they strive to preserve the fleeting east coast growing season.

If you are looking to create an event that leaves your guests in awe, you’re in the right place. James leads a creative team, bringing their love and passion for the art of food straight to your table. The love for the ingredients, the process, the aesthetic. It is not simply about the food, but the experience itself. Take a moment to watch James and his crew in action, bringing the past back to life, and bringing beautifully and thoughtfully prepared food right to your plate.

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