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Invitations - It's Tricky

Sending what, when and to whom can get tricky when it comes to your wedding invitations – and we just thought that we should share are our top tips on the practicalities of creating beautiful stationery for your big day. We have attached a link to information from the helpful website and blog, My Wedding to help out those who want big budget looks, but cannot necessarily afford to spend large quantities of money on every detail of their big day. That is why we are here to help you get the perfect look, and get it for less.

1. Send ‘Save the Date’ cards up to 12 months before your wedding. These are optional but helpful for destination weddings and holiday weekend celebrations. Guests can never have too much time to prepare.

2. Send your invitations up to 3 months prior. Include an RSVP date of 3-4 weeks before the wedding, to give you time to follow up anyone who hasn’t responded before the catering deadline.

3. Find your style. Do you love romantic calligraphy or modern graphic design? Give your guests a taste of the celebration to come – go to our Pinterest board to get a great start to your search.

4. Set the tone. There are many great examples of wedding invitation working ideas online, whether you’re after something more traditional or quirky and fun.

5. Be specific about who’s invited. This will help you avoid some awkward conversations later! For example, John and Sally + family, Elise + partner. When deciding whether to invite your guests with guests of their own, make a rule and stick to it. That could mean everyone gets a date, or you might limit it to those in a serious relationship. Don’t make any exceptions—beyond your wedding party, that is! Bridesmaids and groomsmen should be invited with a plus-one, no matter their relationship status.

6. Cover all the details. In addition to the standard date, time and location, consider whether guests need directions to the venue, transport details, dress code or accommodation information, and ask about any dietary requirements so you can advise your caterer.

7. Add a fun question. Help guests feel involved in the festivities from the moment they open your invite! Ask for their favourite dance song, drink or holiday destination on your RSVP and enjoy reading their responses.

8. Request or make a sample. Whether you’re making your own or having custom invitations designed, seeing a sample will ensure you’re happy with the end result and cost to produce.

9. Check postage costs. Size, shape and weight all affect the cost of sending your invites out. Take your sample or measurements to the post office to get an accurate quote.

10. Review, review, review. Have someone else proof read your text. It’s easy to overlook a typo, particularly in dates and times – not something you want on 60 copies!

11. Purchase more than you need. There’s often someone you wish you could have invited. If anyone can’t make it you’ll have an invite available, as well as one for your photographer to capture on the day.

12. Save time on addressing. Add a lovely final touch to your stationery with expert calligraphy and a return address stamp or seal! Your newlywed self will also be grateful if you address your thank you note envelopes at the same time as your invitations.

13. Create a numbered guest list. Mark the back of your RSVP cards with each corresponding number, in case anyone forgets to record their name before sending it back to you.

14. Don’t worry if someone doesn’t fill in your RSVP card. It’s okay for guests to RSVP via phone or email – the most important thing is that they’ve responded!

Oh yes, and don't forget to breathe.

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