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Mayflower Venues

While pretty much every aspect of a wedding is optional, from wearing a suit instead of a dress to ditching the flowers to forgoing the wedding cake, there's one thing you can't skip: a venue! After all, you've got to have somewhere for your friends and family to gather and celebrate!

We have gotten to know Mayflower Venues who focuses on providing unique venues that host a single wedding per weekend and only a handful a year. From estates to barns, orchards, gardens, and more Mayflower Venues provides upfront pricing, availability, and included amenities on all of their venues you that can schedule tours and book your wedding online. Not to mention, Mayflower venues shows you what each venue includes, specific online tools to plan and even coordinate your own preferred vendors, or you can easily borrow from their professionally curated vendor list. What more could you ask for?

Mayflower Venues is dedicated to making booking a venue for your wedding easy and transparent. And on top of it, what a beautiful thing it is to know that your wedding, and each wedding after helps maintain these unique properties for generations to come.

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