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Sustainable Floral

Sure, we all love fresh flowers at a wedding—but what about plants? Whether it's the main attraction or just a supplement to your wedding day florals, potted plants can add a fresh and unexpected look to your decor.

One of the biggest benefits of using potted plants at your wedding is that all your pretty greenery doesn't end up in the trash a few days after the event. That means if you and your fiancé (or any of your friends and family) love to garden, you'll have lots of fun swag to take home (and quite possibly have for years to come). And if you're a couple who love to cook, an herbal centerpiece (think rosemary, basil, flowering thyme, or oregano), is perfect as something that both represents your personalities and tastes delicious in your next pasta sauce.

In addition to the eco advantage, using plants can also be less expensive (especially if you do some of the legwork yourself by sourcing at your local garden center). All those pretty peonies and roses can come with a hefty price tag, so if you're looking for more volume without breaking the bank, greenery can be the way to go. Get inspired, lovebirds!

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