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What We Do

Wedding Planning

No two weddings are the same. Recognizing that every couple has a specific vision and budget to work with we curate our planning services specifically to you. It's immense and overwhelming, from rentals to vendor selection. Where does someone even begin? With our customized planning software Aisle Planner, we curate all of your planning tools to fit you and your needs. 


Here, we create and disperse your budget, connect with vendors on your behalf, and guide you through the planning process step-by-step, providing our professional opinion from the get-go. You'd be surprised how much free time dedicated to planning slowly disappears under the mountain of other life responsibilities. We are involved in every aspect of the wedding, from tasks large to small.


A full-service planner is also a great option for clients who need help with the smaller details of a wedding, such as choosing linen colors and flowers, and might prefer to leave those decisions to an expert. We also handle all of those miscellaneous, last-minute obligations such as final contract negotiations, vendor payments and scheduling deliveries during what’s likely to be the busiest time of your engagement.

Reach out today so that we can get started or pick up where you left off!

2023 Investment begins at $7,000

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Wedding Management

First things first - wedding coordination is not simply someone on site the day of your wedding to run through your timeline, at least not for us. Our responsibilities come in from the moment you hire us! We start by reviewing your planning so far, we go to your venue (if able) and have a detailed conversation about all of that beautiful planning you've done. We review all contracts and proposals and we customize our Aisle Planner software to fit your needs. From then on we are here to assist in making your big day run smoothly. As always, we work together in our comprehensive wedding planning software, Aisle Planner to design your timeline, floorplan, and budget in order to make sure that you're ready for your wedding down to the last detail.


Next, the fun part! Our main responsibility is to oversee everything taking place on the actual wedding day or weekend. Typical responsibilities of a wedding coordinator include greeting vendors and directing them to their proper places, managing the wedding decor setup and breakdown, helping the wedding party as needed, and ensuring that the day is running as on-schedule as possible. These responsibilities really add up - let me tell you!


2023 Investment begins at $4,000


Adventure Weddings
& Elopements

Trust me: We realize how ironic the phrase “elopement planner” sounds to a lot of people. Isn’t the point of an elopement to keep it minimal? Is there anything that needs planning? These are questions that come up with the “old school” notion of elopements. But there’s a new school of elopements in town these days, and we’re here to help you between the blurry lines of Pinterest dreams and reality. People are eloping at drive ins, mountain tops, and even the court house with a touch of pizazz. Whether you're looking for the "traditional elopement" at the local courthouse or an unforgettable adventure experience we are here to help.


We love adventure weddings, sometimes these are elopements, sometimes they are not! It combines our love of traveling to epic destinations, with discovering, hiking, exploring offbeat (and in some cases private local areas), taking photographs at amazing locations, all within an epic wedding day! But, let's be real, it takes a lot of work to make this day look effortless. Reach out today to get more information!

2023 Investment varies based on date and location



Let the creativity flow! We love to collaborate with other industry professionals – it helps us all. We believe that linking up with our fellow industry professionals on styled shoots, special events, and collaborative event planning is key to broadening our vision and continuing to grow. We want to know more about you, your business and how we can create beautiful work together.


Give us a call today to plan something special!  


Venue Management

After running events all over New England we understand the necessary requirements to provide the ultimate venue. Guidance from an industry professional can help bring your venue to life, or maybe just provide you much needed assistance in maintaining your overwhelming client list. We are here to ensure each event on your property is executed flawlessly.


We are fully customized, and our guidance can start at any point of venue development. Maybe you just need a review to ensure a location meets local requirements and you're on top of current trends?


Reach out today for more information!


Event Planning & Coordination

Offering expertise in a range of event logistics we are here to assist with any of your planning needs. Sometimes this means planning a family gathering or intimate event, we love those! Or maybe you're looking for assistance with a corporate or non-profit event, we love those too! We provide planning and coordination services for private, social, corporate and non-profit events in addition to weddings - they are some of our favorites!

Let us help you create the next holiday party for the team, create that celebration of life for a dear loved one, or coordinate all of the logistics for that next work fundraiser.


No matter the occasion we are here to help!

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