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Eco Friendly Dresses

The wedding industry can make planning your big celebration a high-pressured and let’s face it — costly experience. This is why here at Something Pretty Events we encourage values-based wedding planning to not only ease your soon-to-be-married mind, but make a positive impact on the world and other people.

Planning with sustainability in mind will help you set

off on the right foot as you enter this exciting chapter of life! Plus, choosing a made-to-order design with high quality natural fabrics will only result in a dress you wholeheartedly adore.

And for those who are less attached to their dresses, secondhand shopping and rental services are an excellent option!Besides lending style and sentimentality to your big day, incorporating family heirlooms or special items already in your possession cuts down on consumption. Whether you wear your mother's wedding gown or put your aunt's retro jewelry to work, repurposing will minimize what you need to buy for your nuptials.

If your heart is set on a dress of your own, choose sustainable designers such as Wear Your Love and Lindee Daniel. Or seek out a rental that can put you in an ensemble you can consider your “something borrowed.” Happy planning loves!

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